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Intellect Dynamics™ develops technology solutions and services with a focus on real time analytics, artificial intelligence, business process automation and decision support.

We design and implement self-organizing systems as data models (DataBioniX™ platform). Unmanageable data collections are organized in these models into DataBioniX™ Associative Neural networks. Using borrowed from nature methods we create new and useful knowledge from data collections. DataBioniX™ brings data to ultimately process itself.

Intellect Dynamics™ deploys Unified Information Access (UIA) Platforms to knit together information silos, blending data across the enterprise no matter the format or the content. We offer UIA solutions for data processing, analysis and decision-making to companies of any size from SMB to multinational corporations.

Contact us today to learn how you can implement a fully automated intelligent platform that collects and normalizes data from disparate sources, applies analytics and creates a real-time snapshot of corporate data followed by automation and process improvement.

Products and Services


Whenever you have data, we produce a strategy and technology to make that data work for you, extracting meaningful and actionable intelligence from ever-increasing quantities of available raw data.



Intelligent, secure, fast and reliable, DataButlR™ (Big Data Unified Information Access Platform) was developed to provide a complete and easy to use automated approach for generating insights and revenue from available data sources or real time streamed data.

Custom Development

Utilizing the intelligence of our DataBioniX™ platform, we can help you build AI-empowered mission-critical and complex data driven applications that address your unique business requirements and bring individualized process innovation to market.

Our Technology

Human Brain

Our Brain

The human brain stores data as concepts in the synaptic connections between neurons. With billions of neurons, this allows for nearly unlimited storage capacity, instant retrieval of information, the capacity for multiple languages, artistic expression, complex thought, etc. and the ability to learn.



DataBioniX™ is designed to work in a similar way - it gives meaning to all your data, by creating a Synaptic Data Dictionary - your data thesaurus that describes each data element in words, usage, concept, etc. and stores a Snapshot of all relevant data in the connections between data elements - just like the human brain does.



DataButlR™ is our flagship product developed using the DataBioniX™ platform. DataButlR™ takes in data from any source, validates, blends, cleanses and stores the data as concepts within the data synapses allowing for instant retrieval of information, use of any language, visualization, analytics for decision support and process automation.

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